Why Choose Mark & Taylor Textile ?

Our Key Strengths

  • Presenting the most comprehensive stock-supported corporate clothing range in the market place today.
  • Offering a true one-stop shop for all uniform needs, from suiting to workwear, outerwear to high visibility, footwear and PPE garments.
  • Having an in-house design team to create exclusive designs and colours for a powerful corporate image. Projects are researched to establish client requirements and garments designed to give the combination of style, comfort, and function.
  • Owning a UAE manufacturing unit which is flexibly managed to produce short runs when required and to fast-track deliveries when necessary.
  • The facility to offer a dedicated stock holding and measuring service to ensure continuity and accuracy of supply.
  • Operating a Customer Management Service, meaning all your needs will be taken care of right up to individually packed and labelled garments delivered to each individual member of staff.
  • Being staffed by a friendly and dedicated team with vast experience in corporate clothing covering all areas of our operation from management to dispatch. All clients are allocated to a dedicated sales manager to ensure continuity of contact at all times.
  • Having certified Quality systems so that customers may be sure that they are receiving goods that have the specified physical qualities and the quality of being supplied by a company that practices corporate social responsibility, trades ethically and has high regard for environmental matters.
  • Being committed enough to clients to tailor significant sectors of resources such as computer hardware, software, premises and human resources specially to meet the needs of clients.

Terms & Conditions

1Personal Information
The personal information you provide to Mark & Taylor Textile Middle East FZE. will be used to process your order. Relevant information may be disclosed to third party service providers (eg courier companies) for the provision of their service.
2Modifying Orders
  • Once your order is confirmed, we are generally unable to change the colors or sizing of your order. This is due to the fabric & material stock being picked/ordered and the order being finalized on our system.
  • Any approved changes will incur a minimum Dh 200.00 fee, to cover the cost of stock transfers and reprocessing and coding of your order.
  • Additions are easily processed if advised prior to the order being dispatched.
3Cancellation of Order
  • Cancellation Fees can and do apply as outlined below. These fees are to partially cover the time involved in administration, stock transfers and freight, graphic/artwork preparation etc.
  • If you cancel an order once order confirmation has been received, then cancellation fees will apply. The minimum fee is 25% of total order value to cover payment processing/merchant charges if your order has not commenced production or stock has not been ordered.
Mark & Taylor Textile Middle East FZE., accept artwork/logos from customers under the understanding that the customer has sought permission from the owner of the artwork/logo for reproduction. Mark & Taylor Textile Middle East FZE., will not be held responsible if a customer solicits reproduction without this permission. The responsibility is with the customer for any copyright infringements for logo use.
5Artwork Fees & Conditions
  • No artwork or set up fees apply for embroidery for up to 10,000 stitches, generally for a standard size up to 5 x 10cm, for an order of 5 items minimum.
  • No artwork and set up fees apply to screen printing for up to 2 colours to for a standard print size of A4, for an order of 20 items minimum.
  • Maximum colours for a standard logo for embroidery is 12, any more colours and additional costs will apply (and can be quoted on, or will be advised of). The machine heads hold 12 colour bobbins at one time.
  • No artwork and set up fees apply to heat press transfers for a minimum of 10 transfers.
  • No artwork and set up fees apply to the addition of standard heat press numbers.
  • Additional set up fees may apply for additional required colours and or logos that are larger than a standard sizing.
  • A minimum Dh 150.00 fee for text, and Dh 250.00 for logo artwork for customer cancellation of Embroidery once proofs have been provided/set up prior to production, applies to all orders. This cost covers some of the physical, artwork and staff resource costs involved in setting artwork up, and preparing screens and framing garments ready for embroidery.
  • A minimum Dh 150 fee per color for customer cancellation of Screen Printing prior to production - i.e. once screens have been established but not printed, applies to all orders. This cost covers some of the physical, artwork and staff resource costs involved in setting artwork up, and preparing screens and framing garments ready for print.
6Return of Goods
  • Please choose carefully when ordering, ensuring you check size guides, product description & images provided.
  • Goods supplied as ordered (correctly) will not be refunded unless the product is faulty, is not doing what it is supposed to do, is significantly different to those shown in pictures or in the product description.
  • The Mark & Taylor Textile will replace or refund any goods that arrive faulty or damaged, or the product is significantly different as shown or described, or is not doing what it is supposed to do.
  • Faulty goods must be returned within 24 Hours of receipt of stock/notification of fault or damage for inspection before a refund or replacement of stock will be issued. We may need to have the item assessed by the manufacturer to determine whether or not you are entitled to an exchange, or refund.
  • Decorated goods (goods that have been embroidered or screen printed with your Logo or Artwork) cannot be returned or exchanged unless faulty or required by law.
7Garment Care
  • Washing instructions are advised on tags of all garments and should be strictly followed to avoid any fading or issues with your garment.
  • Washing instructions for the care of garments that have had decoration added such as Embroidery, Screen Print or Heat Press are supplied with your order, and should be strictly followed.
  • Fading of colors can happen due to the material type (cotton is a natural material that is dyed and will lose color over time/after numerous wash cycles) and washing and care of the garments. Factors causing fading are; not following washing instructions, over drying (in a dryer or leaving in the hot sun), and using non colorfast washing powders. Polyester retains color due to the material being manufactured in the color purchased (where as cotton is a white fiber that is dyed) so is a colorfast material. Fading over numerous washes and over time of garments or items with natural fibers is to be expected due to the material itself. Any unusual fading or garment/dye runs should be advised of within 7 days (any unusual dye faults will appear on 1st wash).
  • Garments placed in hot dryers can and will shrink, and the percentage of shrinkage will vary depending on the fabric technology (cotton will shrink more due to being a natural fiber). All garments have a small allowance for general shrinkage which is expected when garments are washed and dried following the garment instructions. Follow the washing instructions of your garment to avoid any issues with your garment (some garments should never be placed in a hot dryer).
  • Any issues with garments that arise from general care and wash and wearing of garments is the customers responsibility unless the garment is faulty (any faults should be advised of within 7 days of receipt) as these factors are outside of our control.
Colors of goods described, shown prior ordering and in digital artwork & color charts may differ from screen to screen. Garment colors may differ depending on batch and exposure to natural elements. The Mark & Taylor Textile is not responsible for exact colour matching.
  • Size charts are provided for each item, measurements are in CM unless specified otherwise and are generally a half chest measurement of the garment unless specified. Sizing guides provide information and assistance on how to size garments and interpret size charts. 
  • When placing an order is it accepted that the customer has checked the provided sizing charts and measured accordingly. As brands and sizes differ nationally with all leading Uniform brands, it is essential that a size is not assumed due to manufacturing differences in style, shape and fit.
  • Differences shown in garment length on models to individuals can differ. Length of a garment on the body is dependent on the height of the individual.
10Delivery & Shipping Policy
  • The Uniform Guys make all efforts to ship your products to your desired destination across UAE generally within 1 to 4 weeks.
  • Orders do not commence until payment is received (unless a customer has an established trading account), orders will not be dispatched or commence in production until payment is received.
  • Orders that require embellishment are a minimum 2 weeks with an estimated delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, due to the process of production (Decoration is a physical process involving the set up of artwork, machines and the process of programming and loading machines). This is a general guide of our standard time frame and delays can occur during busy production periods, or due to stock delay supply, or artwork editing/delays. Any unforeseen delivery delays will be advised of.
  • The Mark &Taylor Textile cannot be held responsible for delays in providing orders due to supplier’s stock availability.
  • The Mark & Taylor Textile will endeavor to make every effort to deliver all orders in completion as promptly as possible.
  • If for any reason, we are unable to dispatch your order you will be notified within 3 working days.
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