Ethical Trading Policy

Mark & Taylor Textile recognizes that as a corporate member of society, enjoying certain rights to do business, it has a responsibility to ensure that it, its partners and those with whom we trade and do business adhere to appropriate ethical standards.

We are committed to abide by the Code of Ethics set out in this policy.

This, our Ethical Trading Policy, is one of the series of policies that sit under the umbrella of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Our Code Of Ethics is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and the International Labour Organization’s Labour Standards.

We apply this Code Of Ethics to ourselves and we require any organization with whom we place business to demonstrate that they adhere to these standards before they are placed on our approved list and throughout our relationship, by assessment, re-assessment and periodical audit.

As part of supplier assessment and re-assessment we also require commitment to and practice of policies and procedures that minimize an organization’s impact upon the environment.

The following principles form the basis of this policy:

Employment is freely chosen.
No forced, bonded or involuntary labour or human trafficking.
Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
Child (i.e. a person aged 15 years or less) labour shall not be used save as permitted under UAE. Law.
No person under the age of 18 years to be employed on hazardous work.
Living wages are paid.
Working hours are not excessive.
There is no enforced overtime.
No discrimination is practised.
Regular employment is provided.

No harsh or inhumane treatment or captivity is practiced This policy will be reviewed annually as part of Management Review procedures. All staff are invited to input. The policy is overviewed by the board of directors.