Mark & Taylor Textile’s Quality Policy

Quality Objectives

Mark & Taylor Textile will aim to provide optimum satisfaction as judged by the client, whilst recognizing that there can be no compromise on the objectivity and integrity of the service we give. We will strive to ensure that our contract performance:

Meets or exceeds the client's expectations,
Fulfils our contractual obligations,
Represents best value for money,
Contributes to our business goals and objectives,
Is ethical and socially responsible,
Is sustainable.

In pursuit of these objectives, senior management will:

Seek to ensure that the Mark & Taylor Uniforms brand is perceived as being the best in the corporate wear industry,
Work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners to achieve our business and quality objectives,
Strive to deliver products and services of the highest practicable quality,
Identify and build on opportunities to improve the quality, reliability, and consistency of our goods and services,
Be proactive in communicating with clients to obtain feedback on their satisfaction with goods and services,
Analyze management information in order to monitor timeliness and accuracy of deliveries and reasons for returns,
Continually monitor the physical quality of goods that we supply,
Maintain our commitment to corporate social responsibility, ethical trading, health and safety, and sustainability.
Maintain our certification and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through a program of planned audits and management review,
Monitor progress towards our objectives and targets at management review meetings,
Identify and manage any risk that may adversely impact upon our achievement of these objectives,
Review this policy at least annually.